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American Society of Aesthetic And Hair Restoration Surgeons

Fellowship in

Aesthetic Medicine

The ASAHRS Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine intakes are open for the year 2024. Get in touch with ASAHRS Course Coordinators for more details.

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ASAHRS Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine

This compiled aesthetic medicine fellowship encompasses the most important aesthetic treatments in one single module.

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Relevant Anatomy For Body Sculpting And Face-Lifts

Learn the relevant anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology related to facial lines, facial folds, face-lifts, fat reduction, and body sculpting.


Learn Techniques Of Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

Master the art of fat reduction and body sculpting using various state-of-the-art technology, non-invasive body sculpting devices  

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Learn The Art Of Performing Botox Face-Lifts

Master the science and art of botulinum toxin injections for treating various types of dynamic facial lines or wrinkles to achieve non-invasive face-lifts.


Learn The Art Of Lasers & Facial Fillers Face-Lifting

Learn to use Lasers for skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation; treating fine facial lines, fine wrinkles, tattoos, moles, warts, scars, hair removal, and more.


Learn To Market & Protect Your Practice

All of our fellowship programs include a customized marketing module that will give you the marketing skills you need to stand           apart from your competitors.                                                   

See and Listen to What doctors say about us

Whether you are beginning a career in aesthetics or are a seasoned aesthetic physician, ASAHRS fellowship curricula are designed to meet your educational goals. See and listen to what our physicians have to say about us.

Why Go For ASAHRS Fellowships


ASAHRS Certification Demonstrates Excellence in Acquired Skills


ASAHRS Certifications are Recognized for Quality Training


Physicians with ASAHRS Certifications Gain More Trust From Patients

The X Factor

Our Physicians Showcase Their ASAHRS Credentials with Pride and Honor

Client Testimonials

Dr. Ilyas Mahjoub

“The training I received from the ASAHRS faculty members was truly world-class. It's completely changed my perspective towards my hair restoration practice and has made me an even better hair restoration surgeon."

Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez

“What I learnt in just 1 week would have otherwise taken me months, if not years, to learn the very same skills from somewhere else. The course was very optimally designed and paced, and covered all aspects of aesthetic practice."

Dr. Steve Carlson

“The training is simply fantastic. The hands-on training on the real-life, life-like simulators is something I really liked because it allowed me to practice all my skills without restrictions and as many times as I needed."

Kickstart your career in aesthetics​

Fill out the no-obligation Interest Registration form to get in touch with our course organizers, who will help you select the appropriate course depending on your present expertise and future objectives.


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Initiate Your Path to a Rewarding Aesthetic Career

Begin your professional journey in aesthetics and discover the exciting possibilities that await in this dynamic and thriving industry.

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